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Product number: SW10007.1
Product information "Fitline Studio"

The AIREX® Fitline mats are the ultimate choice for sports and training, used by countless top athletes across the world. The Fitline is a classic fitness mat often used for group fitness classes in gyms. As a small, lightweight and trendy training mat, the AIREX® Fitline Studio is also a perfect gymnastics mat at home and “on the go”, and a perfect fit for any sports bag.

Intended purpose:

The AIREX® products are designed as a movement therapeutic aid for both institutional and domestic use. An object lying on the floor serves as a support for a person during medically indicated and prescribed exercises to improve motor skills and balance or postural control and / or for the therapeutic movement treatment of muscle weakness in the limbs and trunk as a result of a neurological or orthopedic disease.

Note: You will receive the matching mat retaining strap for every mat you order.

*Warning: The antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function integrated in our mats protects the material from odors, bacteria and mold. Contains a biocidal product with the active ingredient folpet. Concentration: 0.1 - 0.2%

Size (L x W x H): ca. 100 x 50 x 1.0 cm
Weight: ca. 0.80 kg

Properties from "Fitline Studio"
Certifications: AGR, CE, MD, Phthalate free, Sanitized, Swissmade
Characteristics: Extra small, Flat, Hygienic, Long-lasting, Multifunctional

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