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The most popular mat among physiotherapists around the world. The Corona offers sufficient space, ultimate comfort, uncompromising hygiene protection and durability. Select the right model for you from two different lengths (Corona 185 or Corona 200) and a choice of six colors.

Attention: Every ordered mat comes with the matching strap.


Size: ca. 185/200 x 100 x 1,50 cm
Shipping weight: ca. 4,90 kg
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Countless physiotherapists around the world have been working with the Corona for a long time, assiduously recommending it to their patients as well. We are proud that our quality is so convincing, resulting in this level of customer satisfaction, and we thank them for their outstanding support. 
One reason for absolute customer satisfaction is that therapists and doctors were involved in the development of the Corona. Their requirements were realized to best advantage in the gymnastics and therapy mat. The cushioning characteristics alone – very important in working with the patient – and the durability of the mats are convincing. They are complemented by uncompromising hygiene protection, which prevents even the growth of cMRSA bacteria, suitability for use in water and the size of the mats, which leaves sufficient space for the therapist as well.

Outside of physiotherapy, the Corona is our comfort mat with adequate space for training alone or with a partner, for the first attempts at gymnastics by a small child or also for a quick nap.

Choose the right model for you from two lengths – Standard (1.85 m) or Comfort (2 m) – each of which is available in three different colors, and promote your health and well-being with a Corona!


Frank Thömmes, graduate sports scientist and manager of Perform Sports, about the AIREX® Corona mat:

The outstanding AIREX® quality is expressed by the sum of our product benefits. An overview of these benefits is found here – AIREX quality.

The leading product features of the Corona mat:


Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries.

Long life span

Hard-wearing material for many years of use.


Simple to clean, antimicrobial Sanitized® finishing.

Extra big

Excess length or width for extra comfort, a wide range of applications and special requirements

Water repellent

Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt.

Three tips for your AIREX® products


1. Use the products barefoot or in socks (no sneakers)

2. If your products get dirty, clean them with ordinary soapy water. Disinfection is not going to be necessary thanks to integrated Sanitized protection!

3. Let the AIREX® products air dry thoroughly if they get wet (they can also be used outdoors)


Enjoy your AIREX® mat for a long time with proper care. It’s very straightforward. Learn all the tips and tricks for mat care here.

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(1)  ATTENTION: „Not suitable for children under 3 years.”


  1. small parts that can be swallowed. Risk of suffocation!
  2. due to detachable small parts that could be swallowed. Risk of suffocation!
  3. because of long tapes. Risk of strangulation!
  4. risk of uncontrolled handling. Risk of injury!


(2)  ATTENTION: „Parental supervision during play is always advised.”


(3)  ATTENTION: „This toy alone does not protect against drowning.”


Corona therapy mat – large, durable, the most popular mat among physiotherapists.

Suitable products:

ca. 160 x 24 x 6 cm
€ 108,51*
ca. 41 x 25 x 6 cm
€ 37,02*


ca. 41 x 50 x 6 cm
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ca. 185/200 x 100 x 1.50 cm
from € 117,56*
ca. 41 x 50 x 6 cm
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