Frequently Asked Questions
How do I properly clean and care for AIREX mats?

Dirty mats are cleaned with a soft brush and lukewarm, soapy water or a solution with household detergent (dish detergent).

Gasoline and conventional spot removers must not be used for cleaning under any circumstances.

For detailed information, please consult our full care instructions.

> Care instructions for mats

Can I wash AIREX mats in the washing machine?

While washing by machine is possible, it is not recommended for practical reasons. If it is unavoidable, at the very least a gentle cycle should be selected with a maximum temperature of 40°C. Conventional laundry detergents may be used for this purpose.

For detailed information, please consult our full care instructions.

> Care instructions for mats

How do I properly clean and care for AIREX Balance products?

For all types of dirt, the preferred cleaning method is to use a soft brush and lukewarm water with detergent. Spots and similar contamination must not be treated with gasoline or spot remover.

For detailed information, please consult our full care instructions.

> Care instructions for Balance products

What is the best way to store AIREX mats?

Individual mats can be readily stored after being rolled up and secured with the straps available for this purpose. For several mats at once, draping over a mat stand or storing flat is ideal. If they are not going to be used for longer periods of time, mats are preferably stored by stacking them in an unheated, dry room.

What is the best way to store AIREX Balance products?

AIREX® Balance products are best stored lying flat. To avoid pressure marks, do not leave objects resting on the material for extended periods of time. Continuous pressure loads for more than approximately 12 hours should be avoided. Bending in storage (e.g. over a clothesline) leaves visible pressure marks where the material does not fully reform. Ongoing storage in water and extended exposure to direct sunlight reduce the lifespan of the products, since the surface may become brittle and the material stiff over time.

Production / Composition / Safety?

All AIREX® products are manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest production standards. The harmlessness of the production processes as well as the chosen substances of content is verified prior to use.

Our gymnastics mats contain neither latex nor phthalate softeners and are also approved as medical devices.

The related declaration of conformity is found here:

> Declaration of conformity for Balance products

> Declaration of conformity for mats

> Declaration of conformity for Corona / Coronella 200

Why are the sizes specified only as “approximately”?

All AIREX® mats are foamed free-form. That means they are not produced in moulds. This production method is comparable to baking bread.

This is why the results are influenced somewhat by the ambient conditions (temperature, barometric pressure, etc.), so that the length, width and thickness of the products will always vary slightly.

Why are the well-known horizontal stripes on the AIREX mats not exactly parallel to the edge of the mat?

To avoid break points or weaknesses in AIREX® material, our developers have resorted to a little trick. The rollers that emboss the grooves, logos and additional information on the mats during the production process are not aligned exactly above one another in parallel. A slight x-shaped arrangement prevents that the grooves are embossed exactly opposite each other. This ensures that the material is never too thin at any point and does not compromise the known durability and robustness of AIREX® mats.

The wider the mat, the sooner you can recognize the slight shift in the grooves relative to the edge of the mat. This is by no means a production error, but ensures the quality of the mat.

Can I ask questions about my order?

You can contact our custumor service here: Link

How does the ordering process work?
  1. Add the items you wish to order to your shopping cart. You can see the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" link on the top right-hand side of every page (first step in ordering process).
  2. From the shopping cart, you will then proceed to the checkout. In the event you already have an e-shop-direct account, you may enter your login information now (e-mail address + password). If you do not have an account, you will create one now.
  3. During the next step, you will choose your delivery and payment methods. Depending on the selected payment method, you will be directed via a secure SSL connection to your payment service provider in order to enter your payment information. As a guest payer on PayPal, you will only be directed to the corresponding page to enter your bank information once you have submitted the order to us.
  4. Specify your billing and delivery address in the payment section.
  5. In the final step of the ordering process, verify that all of the information you entered is correct. If you would like to make changes to any of the information you entered, simply click on the step you would like to go back to in the ordering process chart on the top of each page. If all of the information is correct, click on the "Submit Order" button.
  6. We will send you an order confirmation e-mail as soon as we receive your order.
Will my payment information be saved?

We do not save any of the payment information you enter. The entry takes place directly with your payment service provider. 

Can I modify the contents of my shopping cart?

You have the possibility to view the contents of your shopping cart at any moment during the shopping experience. These contents can be modified at any time. You have changed your mind about an item or would like to increase the quantity of one of the items already in your cart? You can d‍elete or change the quantity of any of the items in the shopping cart. Only after you have submitted the o‍rder is it no longer possible to make changes.

How can I pay at

In all shops, you have the possibility to pay by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), PayPal, or as a PayPal guest. In certain countries, you may also opt for a convenient payment by invoice. If you decide to pay by credit card, then you must also enter the card's SecureCode. This code has either been provided by your bank or you have defined it yourself. For any questions on this matter, please contact the bank that issued your credit card. PayPal also lets you pay by this method even if you don't have a PayPal account. PayPal offers a variety of payment options specific to each country.

Can I enter a different delivery address?

You may indicate a different delivery address (such as your work address) during checkout. For security reasons, this option is not available for payments by invoice. This is to prevent others from ordering goods on your behalf and having them delivered to another address without your knowledge.

Is it possible my order will arrive in multiple deliveries?

In the event we are unable to deliver your o‍rder in one shipment, the o‍rder will be split into multiple deliveries. You will be informed in such an event. You will not be charged additional fees in this case.

Does have a minimum order amount?

You can shop at, starting from a minimum o‍rder value of 0,00 CHF.

How much does delivery cost?

The amount of delivery fees we charge corresponds to the amount charged to us by the corresponding parcel service or forwarding agency. The exact delivery fees are displayed in your shopping cart before you submit your o‍rder. You will have to be logged in or have registered so we can identify your delivery address and calculate the exact amount of the shipping fees.
You will not be charged additional shipping fees if we are required to perform multiple deliveries. You always pay the least expensive price, as if everything were being shipped together.

When does the payment transaction take place?

The payment is only authorised once the o‍rder has been placed. Your credit card or PayPal account is charged once the goods are ready to be shipped. You will receive an invoice by e-mail at this time. If you are paying by invoice, the 14-day payment deadline begins with the date on the invoice. 

Can I ask questions regarding my order?

You can reach our Customer Care department as follows: link

Is it possible to verify the information I entered?

During checkout, you will have a chance to verify all of the information you provided before the o‍rder is sent to us. Something still isn't right? Not a problem. You can, by all means, still change any of the information you provided. Only send us your o‍rder when all of your information is correct. You will then automatically receive an o‍rder confirmation by e-mail.

When will my order be delivered?

Availabilities vary from item to item and are most often displayed on the product detail page. As soon as the goods are ready to be shipped, you will receive an e-mail specifying how you will be delivered, and once the goods are shipped, you will receive another e-mail with the tracking number so you can track your o‍rder.

I received a delivery notice but have yet to receive my order. What should I do?

You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number for the shipment as soon as your o‍rder has been dispatched. You can follow the status of the delivery by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail and if necessary, entering the tracking number of the shipment.
For orders shipped by a forwarding agency or via a wholesaler, such detailed shipment tracking is not possible. You will be notified of forwarding agency shipments by telephone.
You are also welcome to call us if you'd like to know the status of a shipment and its scheduled delivery date. You can reach the Customer Care department at the following number:

  • In Germany: 08158 4543862 
  • From abroad: +49 8158 4543862
Can I return the delivered goods?

Yes, you have the right to return the ordered goods. More information can be found here.

What do I have to do if I wish to return the goods?

Only end consumers (and not commercial buyers) may return goods.
You will find a procedure on our homepage which makes returning goods both quick and easy. Log into your account via the "My Account" menu item and click on "Initiate Return".
You can also call Customer Care so we can help get your return underway:

  • In Germany: 08158 4543862
  • From abroad: +49 8158 4543862

You are not required to use the return procedure we have provided. You can also return the goods to the supplier (see invoice and return form). Please place the fully-completed return form inside the return package so the supplier can trace the goods and we can quickly issue your credit.

What do I need to know if my return is to be picked up by UPS?

In Germany, returns can take place via UPS. You have the possibility of dropping the package(s) off at a UPS service point or - upon prior notice - having the return picked up on a weekday at the address of your choice. If possible, pack the item in its original or some other suitable packaging, and then tape the box shut. If you do not have a return label, we will be happy to send you one by e-mail upon request.

What should I do if the delivery is damaged?

If the shipment is obviously damaged upon arrival, unpack the goods in the presence of the deliverer in order to check for damage to the contents. Please always have the deliverer confirm any damage to the packaging in writing. 

And please contact us immediately if the goods inside the damaged packaging have also been damaged.

How does an exchange work?

Only end consumers (and not commercial buyers) may exchange goods.

To exchange an item, log into your account via "My Account". Next, s‍elect "Exchange" from the menu. There you will be guided through the process or returning and ordering anew.  You can find more information on returns here.

Can I purchase a gift certificate? How do they work?
  • Yes, gift certificates can be purchased.
  • You can purchase a gift certificate in the "My Account" section.
  • You may use a gift certificate as a means of payment for any online purchase, whether the value of the o‍rder is greater or less than the value of the gift certificate. Enter the gift certificate code during checkout in the gift certificate code field under the payment method selection.
  • In the case of a return of an item which was paid for using a gift certificate, the value of the return will be credited back to the gift certificate.
Can I submit a review of the product?

Product reviews are available in selected shops.
You have the possibility to submit a product review under the product description of the particular product.
To submit a review, you must be a registered customer.

Are there any peculiarities regarding deliveries to non-EU countries?

Deliveries to non-EU countries are subject to customs, taxes, and duties. You will need to pay these fees when the shipment is delivered. One place you can find more information on customs is: For more information on import sales tax, see, or, which is specific to Switzerland.

In which languages can the contract be concluded?

You have the possibility of concluding the sales contract in the following languages:

  • Deutsch
  • English
Is there a statutory warranty right for goods?

Statutory warranty rights exist for all goods from our shop.

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